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Here's where you learn my trade secrets.  :)  Which ingredients make the creamiest, the firmest homemade yogurt.  With the fewest calories.  Which ingredients give the best results.  The best flavors.   

Vanilla Beans And Strawberries

I'm a natural, whole food addict.  Yes I am.  One of the best things about homemade food, besides eating it, is in the making.  With the healthiest, purest ingredients. 

I'm also a comparison shopper.  I shop wherever I find the best prices.  But never at the sacrifice of quality... I believe the old saying, "you are what you eat"

I've found the best priced quality and organic products are at this store.  Not always, but generally. is also a great place to find specialty foods.  Many you'd never find in small towns and cities.

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Top Quality Cultured Dairy From Top Quality Ingredients

When you click on any of the ingredient links, a $10 discount will automatically be put in your cart (for new customers).

Organic Non Fat Milk Powder


Milk Powder I use:

Organic Non Fat Milk Powder (picture above).  My favorite.

Where:  Making yogurt, frozen yogurt and sour cream.  I consider this ingredient a must.  Especially if you're using skim milk to culture with.  You'll get thicker, creamier yogurt, frozen yogurt and sour cream.

How:  Yogurt:  Add 1/4 cup (60 ml) per 1 quart (1000 ml) milk.  Sprinkle on cold milk and heat.  Let it dissolve (rehydrate) as the milk heats.  Then stir.  I get excellent results.

Frozen Yogurt: Add 1 tablespoon per cup (250 ml) of yogurt instead of cornstarch.  Let rehydrate 5-15 minutes before beating.

Sour cream:  Add 1 tablespoon (15 ml) per cup (250 ml) cream.  If using part milk, increase milk powder.  Sprinkle on cream.  Allow to rehydrate.  Stir.  Add bacterial culture.

When you click on any of the ingredient links, a $10 discount will automatically be put in your cart (for new customers).

Organic Stevia


Sweeteners I use:

Organic Stevia drops (picture above). Zero calories... natural and healthy.

Where:  Plain curd, flavored yogurt recipes, yogurt smoothies, kefir smoothies and frozen yogurt recipes.

How:  Add drops of Stevia to taste.  In making frozen yogurt, I cut back on sugar, maple syrup or honey and use Stevia.

Organic Maple Syrup.  This syrup is thicker and has a deeper, richer flavor than what's available in the store.  Delicious.

Where:  On buttermilk pancakes and buttermilk biscuits.  Also tastes great in yogurt and sour cream fruit dips.  For a special treat I use maple syrup to sweeten plain yogurt and to make flavored yogurt, frozen yogurt and smoothies. 

A favorite sugar-craving buster of mine is: glass of kefir with a splash of maple syrup and dash of nutmeg on top.  Very satisfying.  :) 

How:  Sweeten plain cultured dairy to taste.  Use as a sugar substitute in recipes where the maple flavor will come out.

When you click on any of the ingredient links, a $10 discount will automatically be put in your cart (for new customers).


Vanilla Beans

My first purchases from iHerb were vitamins and nutritional supplements.  After shopping at iHerb for about a year I gradually became aware of the HUGE selection of organic grocery items. 

iHerb Provides Healthy Products

Besides groceries iHerb sells:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • nutritional supplements
  • organic products (cosmetic, hygiene, groceries)

iHerb delivers quality at bargain prices.  Here's what you can expect...

  • Save money
  • Choose  from over 35,000 products
  • Cash in on super deals.
  • Enjoy hassle free customer support.

You want quality but refuse to pay high prices.  iHerb is for you.

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Who is iHerb? is an online retailer that sells more than 35,000 nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc) and other healthy products... organic food, hygiene, cosmetics, pet supplements and more.

Who am I to recommend iHerb?  A 100% satisfied customer. 

The first time I went to, I read tons of product reviews.  Everyone had wonderful things to say...

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  • "fast, reliable delivery"
  • "excellent pricing"
  • "excellent products"
  • "excellent customer support"

All true.  And the convenience of shopping from home.  See for yourself.

iHerb Saves Me Money.  iHerb Can Save You Money Too.

Unbeatable Prices

Buying vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and organic items are expensive.  I'd never buy many of the quality vitamins and organic products (grocery, beauty and hygiene) I enjoy.  They're way too expensive in the grocery or health food stores.

  • The other day I was shopping in the organics aisle of a large grocery store... the best-priced grocery store in my city.  I spotted New Chapter Zyflamend in the vitamin section.  First thought, WOW, they carry New Chapter.  Impressive!  I looked at the price... $39.99 for 60 softgels.  iHerb price $22.17.  
  • On top of the already low prices, has daily, weekly and monthly specials where individual products and entire product lines are reduced.  Two of my favorites, New Chapter and Rainbow Light, were recently reduced 20%.  :)
  • Expect a free sample in each order.  I've received tea bags (organic), cloths for cleaning eye glasses, emery boards, pencil sharpeners, pens, travel-sized toothbrushes and others. 
  • Plus, customers are allowed to select 1 freebie from the freebies section.  Don't forget to click the "freebies" button on the top navigation bar before you check out.

Find Exactly What You're Looking For

Unbeatable Selection

iHerb boasts over 35,000 nutritional supplements and other healthy products.  I don't know what shopping is like where you live.  But where I live in Canada, I don't have access to many of the same type or quality of product I buy at 

Before I discovered, I ordered nutritional supplements from 2 other e-retailers and bought at a local store.  None of them could match the selection, quality and pricing iHerb offers.

Excellent Shipping

Unbeatable International Shipping

How many times haven't you found a reasonably priced product online only to abandon it at the checkout?  Shipping costs were too high.  It seems shipping is fair game for profit.  Not so with iHerb...

  • Domestic (United States) shipping: free over $20.
  • International shipping: flat rate of $4.00 if your order is between $40 - $80 and less than 4 pounds/1814 grams.  Sometimes international shipping is free! Be sure to select Global Priority Mail by DHL for this option.  Check if it's available to your country.  This is the shipping service I always select.  Most of the time (48 out of 50) it clears customs without duties or handling fees being applied.
  • Fast shipping.  Within America I think shipping is 2 or 3 days.  To Canada it's ranged from 7 days to 3 weeks, averaging 10-12 days.

Hassle Free Customer Service.  And Fast.

Fast and Easy Product Refund

$10 iHerb Coupon Code

Once I received the wrong order... I emailed iHerb and they responded within a day.  I told them of the mix-up and asked if I should return the wrong shipment C.O.D. (cash on delivery - iHerb would pay shipping cost at delivery).  They apologized, told me to keep the wrong shipment (valued at $100) and immediately shipped the correct order.

Another time I received a bottle of multivitamins that had a loose seal.  I emailed iHerb and they promptly refunded my credit card the cost of the vitamins.

To get your $10 coupon (for new customers) click iHerb Coupon Code ICU080.  You'll be taken to and the $10 discount will automatically be entered in your shopping cart.  Enjoy the selection, quality and savings!

Mixed Berries
Yogurt Homemade
Fresh Berries

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Top Quality Ingredients Equals Top Quality Yogurt.   You'll find the best priced organic and quality ingredients are at this store.  A few I use are:

Here's an easy $10 to get you started. Click on any of the products (above) or this store link.  A $10 discount  will automatically be put in your cart (for new customers).

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