Greek Yogurt
~ Thick, Creamy and Oh, So Delicious ~

If you've ever eaten Greek yogurt you can appreciate those sentiments..... if you've never tried it, you're in for a treat.

It's very popular in the Middle East, Mediterrean and Asia...... and becoming just as popular in North America.

Greek Yogurt With Cherries & Hazelnuts

But what is Greek yogurt? It's curd that's strained to remove part of the whey. It's thicker than regular curd but not as thick as yogurt cheese. If all of the whey is removed, it's thick like cream cheese and called yogurt cheese or labneh.

Sounds simple, right? It is. PLUS it sure beats paying store prices.  You can strain homemade or commercial curd (provided thickeners haven't been added). 

Traditional Greek Yoghurt

Greek Taverna

Imagine sitting in a taverna in Greece..... the yoghurt you're eating is thick, creamy and oh, so delicious.

Chances are it's made from sheep's milk. It makes a thicker, creamier curd.... because the fat content is higher and there are more solids (protein) than in cow's milk.

Then part of the whey is strained off, making it even thicker.

Commercial Greek Style Yogurt

Greek style yogurt sold in the store is made from cow's milk (unless the label says otherwise) and..... most likely it isn't strained.

While some dairy manufacturers use a separation method to thicken yoghurt, many do not. Other methods are used:

  • Adding milk solids (proteins).
  • Boiling off some of the water in milk to concentrate milk solids.
  • Adding thickeners.

Pectin and gelatin are common thickeners found in unflavored Greek style yoghurt. These are found in some brands of regular curd too.

Flavored and stirred varieties tend to have more thickeners added:

Greek Yogurt Vs Regular Yogurt

Greek or Strained Curd

Strained Yogurt - Homemade
  • Traditionally made from ewe's (sheep's) milk.

  • In western countries and in the industrial production of yogurt, cow's milk is commonly used.
  • Thicker and creamier.
  • Calories vary.... depending whether it's made from low calorie skim or full fat milk (9% milk fat). Fage Greek Total 0% - 100 calories for a 6 ounce (170 g) serving vs Fage Total Classic - 190 calories for a 7 ounce (200 g) serving.
  • Typically higher in protein.
  • Greek style curd made from skim milk has the highest protein content... the milk solids are more concentrated. If you're counting calories you can enjoy thick, creamy yoghurt without loads of calories.
  • Probiotic..... should contain live bacterial culture. Check the label.
  • Costs at least twice as much as regular yoghurt.

Regular Curd

Unstrained Homemade Yogurt
  • Typically made from cow's milk.
  • Thinner curd..... contains all the whey.
  • Calories vary.... from skim to whole milk (3-4% milk fat).
  • Skim milk yoghurt tastes... well... like skim milk.
  • Probiotic.... if live bacterial culture stated on label.

Traditional Use of Greek Yoghurt

There are many traditional ways that strained yoghurt is served.....

  • Desserts - Yogurt with Honey or Spoon Sweets (preserves or cooked fruit)
  • Baked goods - Yogurt Cake (Yioaurtopita)
  • Greek dip like Tzatziki Sauce

Greek Yoghurt With Spoon Sweets

Greek Yoghurt With Spoon Sweets
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Yogurt Cake

Yogurt Cake
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki Sauce
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Mixed Berries
Yogurt Homemade
Fresh Berries

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